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Because sometimes, to save the entire universe, you have to be Allen The Alien!
—The Narrator describing Allen in This Missive, This Machination!

Allen the Alien is a Unopan and a representative of the Coalition of Planets. He was born from breeding camps that were designed as a way to repopulate the Unopans after they were almost wiped out by the Viltrumites, as well as a sort of counter-measure against them. While his role as a Viltrumite counter-measure had not succeeded, he would go on to become an evaluation officer for the Coalition, visiting different planets across various galaxies in hope to find a warrior strong enough to go against the Viltrumites.

Following a near death experience, Allen grew more powerful and able to match the high-ranking Viltrumites in battle.


Background Information[]

In the past, his species, the Unopans, were almost completely wiped out after the Viltrumites destroyed their home planet Unopa during their campaign to conquer planets and add them to their empire. The Viltrumites destroyed Unopa due to the Unopans rebelling against them.

After the destruction of their home planet, the Unopans were forced to create breeding camps for themselves to prevent their species' extinction. Only known as "Allen", he was born at one of these breeding camps and as a result, he never knew who his father was.

One of Allen's earliest missions involved him fighting Viltrumites on another planet, which resulted in not only his near death defeat, but also the breeding camp project being shut down.

Allen Trainning

The Unopan later called Allen trains in a virtual program (also, Unopan Scientist and Thaedus)

Allen eventually found work as an "evaluation officer" for the Coalition of Planets, a secret anti-Viltrumite alliance dedicated to stop the empire's conquest of the galaxy. He traveled between planets, challenging their mightiest inhabitants to ensure they have warriors strong enough to defend them against threats.

Whilst working for the Coalition of Planets, Allen visited Earth several times, incorrectly believing he was visiting a similarly named planet called Urath. Most of these visits involved him clashing with Omni-Man as the representative of Earth in his attempts to evaluate the planet's strength to defend itself. Due to his faulty belief that he was evaluating Urath instead and thus never closely checking his records, Allen never realized that Nolan was a Viltrumite until much later.

Run-In with Invincible[]

Invincible fighting Allen the Alien

Invincible fought Allen the Alien only to find out he was testing the wrong planet.

Invincible went to space and was attacked from behind. Allen communicated via telepathy and, believing that he was Omni-Man, exclaimed to him that he had shaved the moustache. Invincible fought with Allen, sending him towards a satellite, which was thrown back at him. Mark was punched and teased, told that if that was protecting the planet, then he was sorry for their people.

Invincible took a moment to breathe, and made Allen realize that he was not the same person who had fought him years ago. Invincible sent him crashing into the moon, which only made him laugh. When Invincible told him he only wanted to talk, Allen asks him if he was using his time out, which confused Invincible. However, Allen mentions that he does not make the rules and grabs a rock for both of the to sit on. He tells Invincible that he is an evaluation officer for the Coalition of Planets, making sure that there was somebody capable of defending them.

Invincible told him he did not know what he meant, but Allen tells him that the planet "Urath" was on his list, which makes Invincible tell him that he had gotten the planet wrong since they were on Earth. Allen, embarrassed by his mistake commented that he was in trouble, and introduced himself. Invincible presented himself, which makes Allen tell him that the name was optimistic, since he believed he was pretty vincible, after which he flew off, presumably returning to the Coalition. Invincible is left confused and goes to outer space.

Return to Earth[]

Months later, Mark is in space, ready to punch his father, but is met by Allen the Alien. He tells him that when he told the Coalition of Planets he had been going to Earth instead of Urath, they had lost their minds and lets him know there was a Viltrumite on his planet, which was marked for Viltrumite takeover. Mark lands on the moon and tells him to sit down while he explains.

Mark talks to Allen

Mark talked to Allen the Alien about his father and defending Earth from the Viltrumites.

Allen is confused that Mark is a Viltrumite, but did not work for them and could not believe Omni-Man had just left, since Viltrumites did not give up that easily and were relentless, having destroyed his world when they fought back. Allen literally cannot picture what Mark was going through since his people had to create breeding camps just to stop them from going extinct. He tells Mark that the Coalition of Planets would want to hear about him since the Coalition was trying to unite enough worlds to stop the Viltrumite empire and mentions Mark could be the advantage they were looking for. He tells him that the Viltrumites would come back for him and asks him his plans, to which Mark responds that he'll finish high school, idea which Allen approves of, however, he asks with confusion what high school is.

Briefing the Coalition[]

Season 2 Episode 3 Screenshot

Allen and "General Telia"

After Allen's conversation with Invincible, he returns to Talescira to brief the Coalition of Planets on Invincible. When he arrives, he is chewed out by members of the Coalition for his previous mistake with Urath. He is then greeted by General Telia who takes him to the council of the Coalition, which included it's leader, Thaedus. During his meeting with them, he briefs them on Invincible and his fight with Omni-Man, and the possible advantage it could hold for them. The council however disagreed with Allen, stating that they shouldn't trust another Viltrumite, no matter what, and even though Thaedus did agree with Allen's point, the other council members were still wary of the idea.

While heading his way out, Thaedus briefs Allen on a potential mole within the Coaliton and is given the task to find who it is. Allen then makes his way back to his home where he is again greeted by Telia who states that she had missed him, they then proceed to make flirtatious remarks between each other before making love in his house.

Viltrumite Attack[]


Allen takes the information to Invincible to his grave!

Allen and Telia later go on a dinner date where Allen talks about the beauty of his planet as well as trying to land a flirtatious remark on Telia. When Allen is about to inform Telia about the mole in the Coalition, he is suddenly attacked by Thula, Lucan, and Vidor, who send him out into deep space to interrogate him. When Allen is asked about the whereabouts of Nolan Grayson, he responds by insulting them while not giving away any information. After another punch from Vidor, he realizes his chances against them are slim to none, so after Thula asks him about Nolan, he once again responds with a joke, the Viltrumites then proceed to beat him up for his refusal to give away information until they violently mutilate him, leaving one of his arms amputated, his eye socket ripped out, and guts spilled open in the vast cosmos of space. The Viltrumites leave Allen's body in space, as Telia watches in horror as to what they have just done to her partner.


Allen in a recovery bed.

The Coalition of Planets were thankfully able to retrieve Allen's body from space and get him into a stable living condition, albeit still being unconscious. Telia watches over Allen's body while being deeply worried about his condition before being interrupted by Thaedus, who states that the Viltrumites have underestimated the Unopan will to survive, he then give Telia some more words of motivation before seeing her out. However, when Telia left, Thaedus strangely lowers the power on Allen's life support before apologizing to Allen.



Allen is back!

Some time passes, Allen suddenly awakes and accidentally tears open his recovery chamber. Noticing his build to bigger and taller, suddenly Thaedus appears and congratulates Allen for his survival, confirming the experiments that Allen was inducted in was a success and now Allen is powerful enough to fight a Viltrumite as stated by Thaedus. At first Allen denies it and declares his time against the Viltrumites is over, but Thaedus reveals his true self as the great betrayer of Viltrum and now wants Allen to bring Invincible to Talescria as he can provide the turning tide to ending the war.

Warning Invincible[]


Invincible stops Immortal and Allen.

Allen returns to earth's atmosphere, receiving a punch from an enraged Immortal, they get into a quick fight until Invincible arrives, exchanging words of apology. Mark and Allen then meet in Mark's dorm room, where he accidentally destroys his bed. Mark notices he's gotten bigger, with Allen remarking getting beaten to death does that to you. Mark and Allen recap each other of what's happened, especially Thaedus's big reveal of being a Viltrumite. Allen then announces that he must bring Invincible to Talescria like a knight would, but Mark denies this as too much as happened and he must stay on Earth. Allen expresses great sadness as Thaedus will be upset, but Mark doesn't leave him limp. As he presents Nolan's books, Allen recognizes the book on Space Racer, claiming his existence is all throughout the galaxy. He uses a machine to scan the books allowing the day to go unscathed. Mark still wonders if Nolan is really alive, as Allen knows a Viltrumite prison complex in space, with Mark's permission to ask around to see anyone knows the place. Before Allen leaves, Mark says he will be ready one day to take the fight to the Viltrumites once everything settles down on earth.


Allen gets Captured

Allen getting captured by Anissa.

After finishing his conversation with Invincible, Allen would attempt to make his way back to the Coalition to inform them of his discovery. On the way, he is caught by surprise by a Viltrumite ship, with one of them coming out to confront him. Allen, still worried about fighting a Viltrumite despite Thaedus' claims that he could hold his ground against one, panics as he tries to find an area to flee to before Anissa punches him in the chin. To his surprise and relief, Allen finds himself intact. Full of confidence, he punches Anissa back, sending her flying and coughing blood. Remembering that Nolan was held on a prison ship and that the Coalition could use his help, Allen feigns unconsciousness when Anissa punches him back, smiling as she drags him to the ship.

As he gets escorted by the guards, he encounters Omni-Man who is confused as to why he's imprisoned in the ship, to which Allen responds telepathically by saying he's here to see him. In his cell, he speaks with Omni-Man, trying to get him to help face off against the rest of the Viltrumites. Omni-Man declines as he feels depressed, which annoys Allen.

Physical Appearance[]

Allen is a Unopan, a brick skin colored humanoid with a head that ends in a slight spiked scalp, has small pointed ears and a single large eye on his face with a white sclera and a small pupil. His one eye is protected by a thick brow. Allen's facial features are square shaped and has a strong chin. He has three fingers on each hand, one thumb, one finger in place of an index and middle finger and another finger in place of a ring and little fingers. His likewise only have three thick toes. Allen dresses in a white leotard which exposes his neck and stretches to his wrists and ankles. Over it he wears a tight magenta jacket with an upward facing collar, grey segmented wrist guards and similarly grey segmented ankle guards. He also wears a dark grey belt with with pouches, likely for caring provisions during space travel, and a light grey colored belt buckle.

Upon emerging from his coma, Allen's physical appearance revealed a noticeable increase in muscularity, showcasing a more defined and robust build similar to Battle Beast, he wears a light green shirt, with a white longed sleeve attire, a belt buckle similar to his previous outfit, and the Coalition of Planets logo on the right side of his shirt.


While devoted to his job, Allen still has a joker attitude and a comic demeanor, evident even when he fights, cracking wits while overpowering Invincible in space. After realizing he had inspected the wrong planet as Invincible pointed out his mistake, he proved to be very friendly, apologized for the assault and struck an alliance with him, later on returning to warn him about the presence of a Viltrumite (Invincible’s father, Omni-Man) on Earth. After hearing Mark’s story Allen was very understanding and connected with him the best he could, sharing how he never met his father, since he was born in a breeding camp which helped to keep his species from extinction after the Viltrumites’ attack on their planet. He also warned Mark that the Viltrumites will surely return to conquer Earth, hence their complete relentlessness in taking over planets. When asked about his future plans, Mark answered he'd like to finish high school, leaving Allen, who wasn't familiar with Earth at all, confused.

Powers and Abilities[]

That's what you call protecting your planet? I am sad for your people!
—Allen in Here Goes Nothing


  • Scientifically Enhanced Physiology: Allen's was bred by his people as part of special program meant to create a being that could match the Viltrumites. He possesses several enhanced qualities.
    • Flight: Allen can freely levitate and fly about as he pleases.
    • Interstellar Travel: Allen can survive direct exposure to the vacuum of space without any protection and suffer no detrimental effects.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Allen's rapid regeneration ability allows him to recover from any injury, including complete regeneration from a single cell. He can resurrect himself if necessary, making him functionally immortal.
    • Superhuman Agility: Allen is exceptionally agile and possesses remarkable reflexes, making him a skilled acrobat and combatant.
    • Superhuman Durability: Allen's body is nearly indestructible. He can withstand the most extreme physical punishment, including bullets, explosions, and energy blasts, without sustaining any injury.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Allen's reflexes are show able to dodge and evade threats of similar speed, noticing every movement the threat makes.
    • Superhuman Speed: Allen is able to move a superhuman speeds, able to traverse galaxies in short periods of time.
    • Superhuman Strength: Allen's strength is virtually incalculable, allowing him to effortlessly lift skyscrapers and compete with other superstrong opponents.
    • Telepathy: Allen possesses the ability to engage in telepathic communication, allowing him to establish a direct mental connection with one individual at a time, enabling private and exclusive conversations.


  • Fighting Experience: Allen was trained from birth by his people to be a formidable fighter.


  • With the exception of his own spotlight episode, Allen the Alien is never referred as such in the show, the series calls him Allen.
  • Allen is the second alien character Invincible fights that is not a Viltrumite.
  • Elements of Allen and his physiology could be based on Orion and Doomsday from the DC Comics.
    • Both were experimented and created to be the strongest fighter, both have experienced near death fights and survived or came back stronger.
    • They also fought Supermen like characters.
  • Allen the Alien has increased power and abilities after being defeated and close to death similar to the alien Saiyan race in Dragon Ball.