"Here Goes Nothing" is the second episode of the first season of Invincible, and the second episode of the show overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

With his father out of action, Mark struggles to defend the city against and interdimensional invasion, joining forces with a team of teenage superheroes.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In England, Steve is with Matt, looking at the Queen's palace. All of a sudden, something falls from the sky, and Matt pushes Steve out of the way, calling him dad. Steve is shocked by this and Matt simply smiles. The two hug each other.

The Guardians are dead, and Omni-Man lays next to them, injured as well. A door opens and invisible agents look at the scene, followed by paramedics, who are shocked and disgusted at the scene. They find Omni-Man is alive and they move the bodies out from the room. Cecil Stedman mentions he had never seen anything like at and bangs his fist against a table.

Debbie Grayson wakes up and sees Nolan is not there. She makes herself breakfast and takes a shower, later getting ready to go outside. Mark asks her what was wrong, and she mentions that Nolan had not made it home, but Mark said that he had probably gotten buried under a mountain. However, when Debbie opened the door, agents met her outside.

At the clandestine Global Defense Agency, Debbie is told that the comatose Omni-Man was in their secret hospital but couldn't revive the Guardians. Donald tells her that they have a lot of technology, but Debbie says they are not interested in a tour.

Mark and Debbie worried over Nolan who was in the hospital because of bad injuries.

They make it to Nolan's room, where they see Nolan laying without responding. Cecil introduces himself and tells them that they have no idea who did it. Debbie tells him that he has some nerve, but he tells them that the Guardians had been murdered and they were unable to bring them back with Nolan being the only survivor. Cecil tells them that the news would eventually spread, but he wanted them to know first. Debbie asks for materials and refuses to leave Nolan, mentioning that she had patched him up for twenty years. Donald gets a report that there was an undergoing attack with multiple casualties and Mark leaves to go help out.

When he makes it, he sees a big army attacking. He goes to where the tank is and tells them to stop, but he is blown back by an energy cannon, which kills several people. Invincible is intimidated and freezes until an old woman is shot at. He saves her and gets her out of the way, but not in time, as she is shot in his arms.

Atom Eve protected Invincible after he got overwhelmed.

He is shot at once again, but is saved by Atom Eve who sets up a force field and defends him. Robot tells Eve that enemy tanks would line up to kill her and she takes care of it, while Robot keeps telling everybody else what was happening. Dupli-Kate and Rex Splode continued attacking. Eve tells Invincible to take the old woman to a hospital since they had it covered. However, Robot said that it was possible they did not. The team started getting overwhelmed and was about to get shot at once again until the aliens started dying and leaving.

Invincible storms into a hospital, but is told to freeze by GDA agents. Paramedics receive her and the agents mention Invincible was cleared.

Later, Debbie finds Mark bleeding and asks if he was okay. Mark mentions he had tried being like his father and cried while his mother hugged him.

William comforted Mark when he told him about his father.

At school, Mark walks down the hall, not caring if he bumped into anyone. William Clockwell finds he does not respond until Mark tells him that his father had gotten attacked and was really hurt. William wished Mark the best and told him he would support him. However, Mark interrupts him when he sees Eve Wilkins, who he said he needed to talk to.

Mark walked up to her he thanked her for saving his butt. Eve realized who he was, and Mark mentioned he was Invincible which Eve described as optimistic and said that everybody called her Eve. She said he looked like he needed to talk about what had happened and the two leave.

Mark and Eve got to know each other a little better after school.

Mark tells her that he never connected the dots between her and her superhero personality, which she says is because of psychology. He mentions that he even follows Teen Team on Instagram and she revealed that that was them, everybody's fourth favorite superhero team. Mark mentions he likes them more than Fight Force and she agrees they are better. She asks him if he was new to the whole superhero business, and he reveals that he had just gotten his powers. She tells him that he had done well for a rookie, which he did not buy since people had gotten hurt and he had frozen, but she told him that he had helped people escape and revealed that she used to throw up before fights, but got used to it. Mark said that it just had not been what he had expected, and she confirms that fights were not what they seemed on television. She tells him to meet Teen Team after school and Mark agrees.

Cecil and Robot realized that the Flaxans had been dying thanks to their rapidly advancing age.

Cecil tells Robot that they had done well, but had not achieved a victory since 338 people had died. Robot reveals that the aliens called themselves The Flaxans and had six ideas as to why they had left. However, he saw a tank that The Flaxans had used and noted that the alloy of which the tank was comprised should take years to corrode and oxidize, which meant that time ran faster where they came from. Cecil asks how Invincible had done, and while Robot thinks that he has promise, he mentions that he seems unprepared. Cecil says that he would need his help, and leaves.

Cecil asks Donald for some good news, but he tells his boss that whoever had killed the Guardians had turned off the cameras and security systems. Cecil complains that what he had said was not good news and tells everybody to get out. He tells the demon detective Damien Darkblood to reveal himself. Darkblood looks around and tells Cecil everything he knows. Cecil tells Darkblood to have at it and let him know if he needs help.

Amber greets Mark, telling him that she had found out he had gotten punched for her again. He tells her that it was a new strategy he tried, which was getting hit until Todd went home. He tells her he has to go and she sees him meet up with Eve.

Mark and Eve flew through the city and met Teen Team.

Eve and Invincible fly through the city and at one point, he worries that he had lost her, crashing into a billboard. They try flying again and fly through a bridge until a hole in the ground opens and Invincible meets Teen Team. When they get there, Rex makes out with Eve until he greets him, saying that they had won the fight without him, but Dupli-Kate reveals that it had been because the aliens died. Robot greets Invincible, as well as Dupli-Kate. Robot tells the team about the Flaxans and asks Invincible if they could count on him to help in the future. He asks Robot if he is sure, but agrees later.

Later, Mark visits his father, saying that even if he did not like being in teams, he found Teen Team to be very cool except for Rex Splode. Debbie overheard Mark talking about Eve and asked who she was, but Mark said that nobody. He thanked her for the dinners she had prepared and they talk about the side part of being a superhero.

When Mark leaves, he walks into the room of the woman he had saved. The doctor tells him that her name was Maya, whose family now knew about her injuries. Mark asks if she would be okay and the doctor says that it was too soon to tell.

Mark tells William that he and Eve were just friends, so his friend tells him that it seemed he was jinxing his chances of ever going out with her, saying that everybody had seen him leave school with her the last day. William tells him he is basic, but Mark looks across the cafeteria and locks eyes with Eve, who tells him to go talk to her.

Amber approaches William and asks him if he was dating Eve and William only said he wished he was. He took it back, but asked Amber if she wanted his number and wrote it down for her.

Rex got jealous when Atom Eve and Invincible arrived together, but they told him they go to the same school.

Rex asks Eve and Invincible why they had gotten to the top of a building together, and Eve reminds him that they go to the same school and tells them that he had never gone to high school. Robot tells them to focus since the Flaxans were back, but this time it seemed they had found a way to resist the timestream. Eve asks Mark if he was ready, and he unconfidently says that he was.

Teen Team attacks the aliens, who were fighting with superior technology than they were. Eve was able to drive many of them back, but had something thrown to her face which covered it. Mark deflected beams thrown at him by cannons and was taken out by a kind of glue which did not let him move. Robot tells the team that the Flaxans seemed to have used their time wisely. When the Flaxans' leader was about to kill Eve, Invincible let out a yell which blew everything at a certain radius away from him. He punched the Flaxan leader, who started aging once his bracelet broke and saved Eve. The team realized they had to destroy the wristbands, and the aliens started dying soon after, which forced them to leave. Rex told him that he took everything he had said back, and congratulated him, followed by Eve.

Mark was happy to find his father awake after his coma.

Mark got to the hospital and found his father was awake now. Nolan said that Debbie had told him that he was keeping the planet safe and wanted to hear everything. Mark went to Maya's room, but found out she had died, which Nolan described as part of the job. Mark left and Nolan demanded they give him his suit back.

Later, news broke that the Guardians had been missing for a week.

At training, Mark tried attacking his father, who at first was able to dodge his punched. However, when Mark landed one, he told him that he needed to be able to take one as well, and was about to punch him until Debbie interrupted. Cecil visited them and told them that they had seen somebody from Mars approaching Earth. Debbie refused to let Omni-Man do it, so Mark offered to do it himself. Nolan told him to knock some sense into the guy and send him back where he came from.

Invincible fought Allen the Alien only to find out he was testing the wrong planet.

Invincible went to space and was attacked from behind. Allen the Alien communicated via telepathy and told him that he had shaved the moustache. Invincible told him to leave and sent him towards a satellite, which was thrown back at him. Mark was punched and teased, told that if that was protecting the planet, then he was sorry for their people.

Invincible took a moment to breathe, and made Allen realize that he was not the same person who had fought him years ago. Invincible sent him crashing into the moon, which only made him laugh. When Invincible told him he only wanted to talk, Allen asks him if he was using his time out, which confused Invincible. However, Allen mentions that he does not make the rules and grabs a rock for both of the to sit on. He tells Invincible that he is an evaluation officer for the Coalition of Planets, making sure that there was somebody capable of defending them.

Invincible told him he did not know what he meant, but Allen tells him that the planet "Urath" was on his list, which makes Invincible tell him that he had gotten the planet wrong since they were on Earth. Allen commented that he was in trouble, and introduced himself. Invincible presented himself, which makes Allen tell him that the name was optimistic, since he believed he was pretty vincible. Invincible is left confused and goes to outer space.

Nolan told Cecil what he remembered from the night the Guardians were killed, but Cecil remained skeptical.

Nolan tells Cecil what he remembers from the night the Guardians were killed. He tells him that he had gotten a distress call from the Guardians, but everything seemed fine when he had gotten there. However, the lights had gone out and he fought against the enemy until he passed out. Cecil is not convinced and says that he had never seen Nolan lose like that, but believed that somebody was acting clever.

People are setting up memorials for the Guardians when Flaxan portals start opening.

At school, Todd grabs Mark and apologizes, saying that he was sorry he had kicked his ass. Mark thanks him and Todd tells him that Amber Bennett wanted to know if he wanted her number, which confused him at first, but agreed. Mark gets called and leaves school.

Teen Team rushed to fight Flaxans only to be saved by Omni-Man.

The Flaxan army invades the city once again, and Robot tells Teen Team that the Flaxans were now immune to the timestream, and they should consider the city lost. He tells them that he will contact Cecil and request a nuclear response, but everybody disagrees.

Invincible starts fighting the army, but is swiftly brought down and punched repeatedly in the face y the leader. Omni-Man arrives and starts defending the city, resisting all the attacks thrown at him and sending the enemies back where they had come from. However, when the leader looked up at Omni-Man once more, he punched him and went into the portal with him. Teen Team was shocked and found out that Omni-Man was Invincible's father.

Mark got home and told Debbie that Nolan had saved them from the Flaxans but had gone into one of the portals. Debbie asks if he would be late for dinner, which surprised Mark, but Debbie reveals that she had been worried before because Nolan had never been hurt that bad, but taking on aliens was a normal occasion.

Omni-Man went to the Flaxans' planet in order to defeat them for good.

Omni-Man told the Flaxans that they did not seem to understand that Earth was not theirs to conquer, taking them out and destroying their cities.

When Nolan arrived home, he had grown a full beard. He was hugged by Mark and Debbie and told them he needed a shower. Just then, a news report came out, revealing that the Guardians were confirmed dead.

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