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Mark Grayson is the titular main protagonist of Invincible.


He is the Viltrumite / Human Hero, Invincible and son of Nolan Grayson / Omni-Man and Debbie Grayson. A Viltrumite-human by birth, Mark develops his superpowers sometime following his seventeenth birthday and begins training to become his own hero under his father's wing. After a brief stint with the Teen Team, Mark works with Samantha Eve Wilkins / Atom Eve and the second iteration of the Guardians of the Globe to protect Earth from domestic and extra-terrestrial attacks.


Mark, annoyed at his parents' display of affection in front of him.

His Early Years[]

Mark Grayson was born to Nolan Grayson, a Viltrumite male, and Debbie Grayson, a human female. One day, Nolan told Mark that he was from a planet called Viltrum and had great strength, could fly and moved at superspeed, leaving Viltrum in order to protect Earth. He told Mark that things would start changing for Mark when he started puberty, which excited his son.

At a baseball game, a young Mark gets ready to hit the ball as Nolan angrily watches from afar. Debbie walks and asks what was wrong; Nolan says that if he had to watch it, he would rather do so from the sky, but Debbie told him to sit down with everybody else and not be a weirdo. Nolan mentions that the game was a waste of everybody's time since he would be doing a lot more things. Mark gets ready to hit the ball and Debbie tells Nolan to appreciate Mark as the young kid he was. She tells him that children brought good memories back and showed them what life was all about, which makes Nolan smile. Mark walks up to his parents and Nolan grabs him, telling him he had seen what he had done.

Getting His Powers[]

Mark Grayson was in the bathroom, reading a comic and his mother walked in on him to grab soap, which annoyed him. Once they got downstairs, they watch the news, in which the Mauler Twins' attack on the White House was reported. Mark told her that the Guardians were there as well, and Debbie mentioned that the White House was rebuilt very frequently at that point. Nolan makes it home and kisses his wife, who tells him that they should get him out of that suit. Mark complains that his parents shouldn’t talk about sex in front of him, but his mother tells him that he should be happy to hear them express their love. They mention they would be going to Berlin, which makes Mark jealous. However, his father tells him that he could go himself once his powers kicked in. Mark leaves for school, and looks at his father fly away with his mother. He tries flying himself, but doesn’t manage to do it and instead gets embarrassed when he finds out somebody was seeing him jump up and down.

Mark confronting Todd.

At school, his friend William Clockwell was surprised that the Guardians had let the Mauler Twins get that close to the President, but Mark points out that they hadn’t made it inside the building and that Omni-Man was there too. William calls him an Omni-Maniac and teases him. He asks Mark if he wanted to play a game, but Mark mentions that he has a job and tells him that comic books are expensive. Down the hall, Todd teases a girl, who tells him not to harass her. He insists on grabbing her arm and not letting go, which makes Mark angry and he approaches Todd, who was way bigger than he was. He punched Mark, who was only saved because Amber kicked Todd in his crotch. Once Todd left, Mark was thanked but left bruised.

Later, Mark takes out the trash at his job, which isn’t an easy task for him. However, he picks up a second bag and throws it very far, discovering his powers had kicked in, which makes him say "It's about time."

After discovering his super-strength, Mark decides to try flying, which he managed to do quickly.

When Mark gets home, Debbie tells him that she had heated up German bratwurst for him. He tells her that he had an interesting day. Nolan makes it home and tells them he had been fighting a dragon in Hong Kong and gets ready to listen to Mark's day. He told them that he had been getting his powers, but his father doesn’t react until Debbie kicks him. Nolan congratulates him and tells him that they would train the next day. However, Mark couldn’t sleep and remembers when his father told him that he was from a planet called Viltrum and had great strength, could fly, and moved at superspeed, leaving Viltrum in order to protect Earth. He told Mark that things would start changing for Mark when he started puberty, which excited Mark. He leaves his room, convinced he would be able to fly, and jumps off his roof after convincing himself he finds he can fly now. He soars through the sky but nearly crashes into a plane, which sends him to the atmosphere, and he starts losing consciousness. When Mark awakens, he finds he’s close to the ground and crashes into the street in front of his house.

Mark trains with his father, who tells him the basics of being a hero.

He wakes up at 6:00 AM, very tired and his father tells him they would train. Once they are in the sky, his father tells him he would get the hang of flying, having to focus at first. His father tells him that flying could tire him, and to use momentum in order to relax from time to time. He told his son to relax and realized Mark had practiced the night before. He tells him to land, but Mark had a hard time doing so and eventually crashed into the ground. Nolan told him to hit him and to use his whole body while doing it, even practicing while flying. Nolan showed Mark how to punch, and hurt Mark, which Nolan told him was part of his preparation.

William worried for Mark when he approached Todd directly.

The next day, William asks Mark if he was still sore from Todd's punches, but Mark says he was fine. Todd approaches Mark and puts him up against a locker, telling him he would hit him. Mark asks him to hit him as hard as he could and asked him to repeat his punches when they didn’t hurt him. Todd called him a freak and left.

Mark realized he needed something to punch in order to blow off steam and hears gunfire. Three criminals run from the police after robbing a place. Mark fights the big alien and manages to hurt him. Omni-Man approached him and told him he looked ridiculous, also mentioning that he had skipped a few steps since he had caused a lot of destruction. Mark asks his father to hit him since he wasn’t ready before, but his father told him that he wouldn’t hit him. Mark grew desperate and told his father he knew that he didn’t believe in him, but he wanted to prove he was strong enough and wanted to be like him. Nolan hugs his son and tells him that he would be, then telling him to follow him.

Mark and Nolan visiting costume designer Art Rosenbaum.

They fly to a tailor, where he tells Mark he would take him shopping for a suit. Art Rosenbaum greets Mark and tells him it was a pleasure to meet him, and gets Mark excited. Art hands him a suit, but Mark wasn’t sure about orange and yellow and wanted something more iconic, which Art understood. Art told him that he needed a name from him so he could grab inspiration from there, telling him to let him know later.

Debbie calls Mark but finds he’s not home. She hears a crash close to her and Mark exits a small crater created by the impact. Mark tells her he was practicing his landings and apologizes for the destruction he was causing in the backyard, but also said that he needed to be better. However, his mother told him he needed to sleep since he had school the following day and she had to work. Mark told his mother to make him go to sleep, and she asks if the fact that she couldn’t physically move him made him feel strong and Mark simply said that what he was doing was important to him.

Mark and Debbie talk about Mark's former bullies and what awaited him in life.

Debbie asks him if he remembers his former bullies, and she told him about drama in her life to make him feel better. She also tells him that she was still there for him, but now instead of them being together, he was now more inclined to spend time with his father, which she understood. However, Mark says that he was nothing like his father and was more like her, asking her how he could ever live up to everything his father had done. She tells him he didn’t have to, and only had to be the best version of himself.

The next day, Nolan told Mark he seemed tired while they played catch while throwing a baseball around the world. Mark told him he was scared and was worried he might not be able to be a hero, but Nolan told him that it was the beginning of a long journey for both of them and told him that it was okay to be scared but needed to push through. His father told him that kids his age believed they were invincible, but he actually was invincible.

Invincible in his new suit.

Mark rushes to Art's shop and tells him he has his name ready. Later, he sits on top of a construction crane with his new suit and flies through his city. As he did this, however, he saw a laser attack from the distance. The man shooting it was being shot at by cops, but this didn’t bother him. Mark arrived at the scene and punched the man through several walls and through the street until the man couldn’t move.

Fighting The Flaxans[]

Debbie Grayson wakes up and sees Nolan isn’t there. She makes herself breakfast and takes a shower, later getting ready to go outside. Mark asks her what was wrong, and she mentions that Nolan hadn’t made it home, but Mark said that he had probably gotten buried under a mountain. However, when Debbie opened the door, agents met her outside.

At the clandestine Global Defense Agency, Debbie is told that the comatose Omni-Man was in their secret hospital but couldn't revive the Guardians. Donald tells her that they’ve got a lot of technology, but Debbie says they’re not interested in a tour.

Mark and Debbie visiting Nolan in the hospital after the attack on the Guardians of the Globe.

They make it to Nolan's room, where they see Nolan laying without responding. Cecil introduces himself and tells them that they’ve got no idea who did it. Debbie tells him that he has some nerve, but he tells them that the Guardians had been murdered and they were unable to bring them back with Nolan being the only survivor. Cecil tells them that the news would eventually spread, but he wanted them to know first. Debbie asks for materials and refuses to leave Nolan, mentioning that she had patched him up for twenty years. Donald gets a report that there was an undergoing attack with multiple casualties and Mark leaves to go help out.

When he makes it, he sees a big army attacking. He goes to where the tank is and tells them to stop, but he’s blown back by an energy cannon, which kills several people. Invincible is intimidated and freezes until an old woman is shot at. He saves her and gets her out of the way, but not in time, as she’s shot in his arms.

Atom Eve protecting Invincible during the Flaxan invasion.

He’s shot at once again, but is saved by Atom Eve who sets up a force field and defends him. Robot tells Eve that enemy tanks would line up to kill her and she takes care of it, while Robot keeps telling everybody else what was happening. Dupli-Kate and Rex Splode continued attacking. Eve tells Invincible to take the old woman to a hospital since they had it covered. However, Robot said that it was possible they didn’t. The team started getting overwhelmed and was about to get shot at once again until the aliens started dying and leaving.

Invincible storms into a hospital, but is told to freeze by GDA agents. Paramedics receive her and the agents mention Invincible was cleared.

Later, Debbie finds Mark bleeding and asks if he was okay. Mark mentions he had tried being like his father and cried while his mother hugged him.

William comforted Mark when he told him about his father.

At school, Mark walks down the hall, not caring if he bumped into anyone. William Clockwell finds he doesn’t respond until Mark tells him that his father had gotten attacked and was really hurt. William wished Mark the best and told him he would support him. However, Mark interrupts him when he sees Eve Wilkins, who he said he needed to talk to.

Mark walked up to her he thanked her for saving his butt. Eve realized who he was, and Mark mentioned he was Invincible which Eve described as optimistic and said that everybody called her Eve. She said he looked like he needed to talk about what had happened and the two leave.

Mark and Eve got to know each other a little better after school.

Mark tells her that he never connected the dots between her and her superhero personality, which she says it’s because of psychology. He mentions that he even follows Teen Team on Instagram and she revealed that that was them, everybody's fourth favorite superhero team. Mark mentions he likes them more than Fight Force and she agrees they’re better. She asks him if he was new to the whole superhero business, and he reveals that he had just gotten his powers. She tells him that he had done well for a rookie, which he didn’t buy since people had gotten hurt and he had frozen, but she told him that he had helped people escape and revealed that she used to throw up before fights, but got used to it. Mark said that it just hadn’t been what he had expected, and she confirms that fights weren’t what they seemed on television. She tells him to meet Teen Team after school and Mark agrees.

Amber greets Mark, telling him that she had found out he had gotten punched for her again. He tells her that it was a new strategy he tried, which was getting hit until Todd went home. He tells her he has to go and she sees him meet up with Eve.

Mark and Eve flying.

Eve and Invincible fly through the city and at one point, he worries that he had lost her, crashing into a billboard. They try flying again and fly through a bridge until a hole in the ground opens and Invincible meets Teen Team. When they get there, Rex makes out with Eve until he greets him, saying that they had won the fight without him, but Dupli-Kate reveals that it had been because the aliens died. Robot greets Invincible, as well as Dupli-Kate. Robot tells the team about the Flaxans and asks Invincible if they could count on him to help in the future. He asks Robot if he’s sure, but agrees later.

Later, Mark visits his father, saying that even if he didn’t like being in teams, he found Teen Team to be very cool except for Rex Splode. Debbie overheard Mark talking about Eve and asked who she was, but Mark said that nobody. He thanked her for the dinners she had prepared and they talk about the side part of being a superhero.

When Mark leaves, he walks into the room of the woman he had saved. The doctor tells him that her name was Maya, whose family now knew about her injuries. Mark asks if she would be okay and the doctor says that it was too soon to tell.

Mark tells William that he and Eve were just friends, so his friend tells him that it seemed he was jinxing his chances of ever going out with her, saying that everybody had seen him leave school with her the last day. William tells him he’s basic, but Mark looks across the cafeteria and locks eyes with Eve, who tells him to go talk to her.

Rex growing jealous of Mark and Eve's friendship

Rex asks Eve and Invincible why they had gotten to the top of a building together, and Eve reminds him that they go to the same school and tells them that he had never gone to high school. Robot tells them to focus since the Flaxans were back, but this time it seemed they had found a way to resist the timestream. Eve asks Mark if he was ready, and he unconfidently says that he was.

Teen Team attacks the aliens, who were fighting with superior technology than they were. Eve was able to drive many of them back, but had something thrown to her face which covered it. Mark deflected beams thrown at him by cannons and was taken out by a kind of glue which didn’t let him move. Robot tells the team that the Flaxans seemed to have used their time wisely. When the Flaxans' leader was about to kill Eve, Invincible let out a yell which blew everything at a certain radius away from him. He punched the Flaxan leader, who started aging once his bracelet broke and saved Eve. The team realized they had to destroy the wristbands, and the aliens started dying soon after, which forced them to leave. Rex told him that he took everything he had said back, and congratulated him, followed by Eve.

Mark was happy to find his father awake after his coma.

Mark got to the hospital and found his father was awake now. Nolan said that Debbie had told him that he was keeping the planet safe and wanted to hear everything. Mark went to Maya's room, but found out she had died, which Nolan described as part of the job. Mark left and Nolan demanded they give him his suit back.

Later, news broke that the Guardians had been missing for a week.

At training, Mark tried attacking his father, who at first was able to dodge his punched. However, when Mark landed one, he told him that he needed to be able to take one as well, and was about to punch him until Debbie interrupted. Cecil visited them and told them that they had seen somebody from Mars approaching Earth. Debbie refused to let Omni-Man do it, so Mark offered to do it himself. Nolan told him to knock some sense into the guy and send him back where he came from.

Invincible fought Allen the Alien only to find out he was testing the wrong planet.

Invincible went to space and was attacked from behind. Allen the Alien communicated via telepathy and told him that he had shaved the moustache. Invincible told him to leave and sent him towards a satellite, which was thrown back at him. Mark was punched and teased, told that if that was protecting the planet, then he was sorry for their people.

Invincible took a moment to breathe, and made Allen realize that he wasn’t the same person who had fought him years ago. Invincible sent him crashing into the moon, which only made him laugh. When Invincible told him he only wanted to talk, Allen asks him if he was using his time out, which confused Invincible. However, Allen mentions that he doesn’t make the rules and grabs a rock for both of the to sit on. He tells Invincible that he’s an evaluation officer for the Coalition of Planets, making sure that there was somebody capable of defending them.

Invincible told him he didn’t know what he meant, but Allen tells him that the planet "Urath" was on his list, which makes Invincible tell him that he had gotten the planet wrong since they were on Earth. Allen commented that he was in trouble, and introduced himself. Invincible presented himself, which makes Allen tell him that the name was optimistic, since he believed he was pretty vincible. Invincible is left confused and goes to outer space.

People are setting up memorials for the Guardians when Flaxan portals start opening.

At school, Todd grabs Mark and apologizes, saying that he was sorry he had kicked his ass. Mark thanks him and Todd tells him that Amber Bennett wanted to know if he wanted her number, which confused him at first, but agreed. Mark gets called and leaves school.

Teen Team fighting a further invasion by the Flaxans.

The Flaxan army invades the city once again, and Robot tells Teen Team that the Flaxans were now immune to the timestream, and they should consider the city lost. He tells them that he’ll contact Cecil and request a nuclear response, but everybody disagrees.

Invincible starts fighting the army, but is swiftly brought down and punched repeatedly in the face by the leader. Omni-Man arrives and starts defending the city, resisting all the attacks thrown at him and sending the enemies back where they had come from. However, when the leader looked up at Omni-Man once more, he punched him and went into the portal with him. Teen Team was shocked and found out that Omni-Man was Invincible's father.

Mark got home and told Debbie that Nolan had saved them from the Flaxans but had gone into one of the portals. Debbie asks if he would be late for dinner, which surprised Mark, but Debbie reveals that she had been worried before because Nolan had never been hurt that bad, but taking on aliens was a normal occasion.

When Nolan arrived home, he had grown a full beard. He was hugged by Mark and Debbie and told them he needed a shower. Just then, a news report came out, revealing that the Guardians were confirmed dead.

The Guardians' Funeral[]

Mark asks if everybody had to go through a funeral again while looking at the graves for a second speech. He’s told by Eve that the actual bodies were elsewhere since people looking for souvenirs later. Nolan tells the people gathered that the people who had died were his friends and mentors. He mentions that at least the fallen heroes would rest together and Olga was upset that she couldn’t see her late husband. When she threw herself at the ground, Debbie rushed to help her. When Eve asks him if he’s all right, Mark mentions that he’s unsure how to feel since it could’ve been his mother burying his father.

Omni-Man tried to tell Mark to separate his professional life from personal.

The Graysons make it back to their house. Nolan asks them if they want pizza, saying he could go to Naples and back before it gets cold, but Debbie asks him to let the delivery man take care of it. As Nolan tried watching television, all he saw was the speech he gave at the funeral while he changed the channels. Debbie asks Mark if he wanted to call William, but Mark gets angry, asking sarcastically if she wanted him to buy comic books. However his father told him that whatever had happened, he couldn’t bring it home, stopping Mark on the way to his room. Mark asked him if he could go, and Nolan let him go, telling him they would train the following day. Debbie found it weird that he had just come home from his friend's funeral and was talking about pizza, and telling his son not to feel anything which was odd. However, Nolan told her that they were coworkers and that was the life they lived. He told her not to worry, and added that he and Mark could do more outside than sulking there. Across the street, Donald runs a team of people who hear everything that’s being said inside the household.

In his room, Mark looks at Amber's phone number and calls her. He awkwardly introduces himself, but she pretends not to recognize him and says that she didn’t know if he would call since he had a lot going on, but Mark tells her he thinks she’s amazing and asks her if she wanted to study with him, which she agrees to.

At the Pentagon, Robot and Invincible look at many heroes lined up, who will be selected to be the new Guardians of the Globe. However, Robot wanted Invincible to try out as well, but Invincible told him that his father wanted to train him himself. Robot thanks everybody for showing up to the try outs.

Eve faces a very strong man at the tryouts, and defeats him quickly, showing a lot of anger. Invincible asks Rex Splode what was going on with her, but he simply mentions he doesn’t know.

Robot announced the new Guardians.

In the end, Robot introduces the new Guardians: Black Samson, Shrinking Rae, Dupli-Kate, Monster Girl, which makes Rex laugh since she was small, but Monster Girl asks if there wasn’t a dick size requirement. Rex gets angry and makes his arm light up, but she punches him with a huge arm before he could do it. She transforms into a big green human-like being and hits him once again. Rex gets angry and uses his powers, but his powers turned out to be useless against Monster Girl. As she punched Rex, Invincible stopped her and told her to cut it out, but was simply thrown in another direction. Angry, he flies in her direction and hits her so hard she changes back into a little girl. He apologizes for having hit her, but she says that it’s fine since she always got angry when called a little girl, also apologizing to Rex for her dick joke.

Robot once again introduces Monster Girl as a Guardian and tells them that Rex would also join once he recovered. After that, he mentioned that Atom Eve would be the last member, telling them that he would be announcing it publicly later. Eve told him that she couldn’t be on the same team as Rex and Kate and leaves.

Invincible follows Eve and asks her what happened. Eve tells him how Rex cheated on her, saying that Rex had told Kate that Eve and him were going out together. Invincible admits that he believed Rex was an asshole, but Eve said that that hadn’t always been the case.

In Mark's room, William cleans it up, telling him what needed to go. He tells his friend that he had brought homework for him and told him everything Amber liked after asking around at school. Mark tells him that it was just a study date, but William told him that every date should feel like a first date. The doorbell rang and Mark threw all his dirty plates and clothes out the window, telling William where to leave.

Mark and Amber had their study date, but it was constantly interrupted.

He greets Amber, who picks up at book William had brought. Mark nervously introduced himself as a comic fan. Amber asks which his favorite is, so Mark starts talking about them. Amber asks if she can borrow one, which Mark agrees to. Mark's phone rings and he hangs up, but he’s called once again, so he turns his phone off. He’s surprised when he’s called yet again, so he picks up and Cecil pops out from his phone, relieved that Amber had left.

Mark asks if Cecil if he had been spying on him, but Cecil tells him that if he wants to be a hero, privacy isn’t an option. Mark points out that he didn’t even work for him, but Cecil counters by telling him he never would if he never showed respect or decided if he wanted to be a hero. Mark is forced to decide then, and he says he does want to be a hero. Cecil hands him a comm device and tells him Eve would be there as well. Cecil tells him that he needs to go to Mount Rushmore, which Mark doesn’t know where to find. His boss complains that schools didn’t teach enough and leaves. Amber walks back in and Mark makes up a lame excuse to leave. As Debbie walked in with snacks, Mark smiled nervously and left.

Invincible and Atom Eve fought Doc Seismic, who was threatening Mount Rushmore.

Invincible and Atom Eve flew towards Mount Rushmore. As they did, Cecil told them that he wouldn’t be asking for their help, but Omni-Man was busy and the new Guardians were a shitshow. He tells them their target was Doc Seismic, who was doing things which made no sense. They believe that the gloves causes him a concussion every time he uses them.

Doc Seismic causes eruptions, and causes Mount Rushmore to split. As Abraham Lincoln's face fell, Invincible caught it just in time before it hurt anybody, putting it back. Invincible and Eve fight Doc Seismic, who uses his bracelets to escape from them at a high speed, and telling them that they should be on his side. Doc Seismic proves himself to be very strong and causes many people to nearly die if it weren’t for the two heroes. After Mark barely managed to save a group, Doc Seismic tried to attack, but his bracelets were damaged by Eve.

Due to his faulty bracelets, Doc Seismic nearly fell into lava, but was caught by Eve, who was in turn helped by Invincible. Doc Seismic fell anyway, and Invincible jumped after him, not able to grab him in time after a big explosions. Mark quickly leaves and tells Eve they would talk later.

Amber was mad since Mark had left in order to help save Mount Rushmore.

When Mark gets home, he runs into Nolan, who tells him to slow down. Mark explained that he had left Amber in his room while he dealt with a crisis. Nolan congratulated him, saying that was the hard part of the job, but reminded him he should change. Mark walked back into his room, and Amber angrily told him she had been there for an hour, and asking why he had asked her to hang out in the first place, leaving. He asked her why she even came since she had only known of him when he stood up to Todd, but she reminds him that Todd had kicked his ass. She told him that she wanted to know the guy who had taken a punch for her.

Going to Mars[]

Omni-Man tells Invincible that he’s messing up the desert since he was flying too low. When the latter turns around, he finds that he has created a big cloud of sand. Omni-Man tells him to build up speed and endurance by pushing himself, telling Invincible that being a Viltrumite wasn’t easy. Omni-Man did a spin, and Invincible tried to follow, but lost control, so his father proposed going to Mount Everest, with the last one to reach it washing dishes for a week.

Omni-Man reached Mount Everest first, and told his son to take deep breaths since the air was thin. A hiker reached the summit and was surprised to see them both there, but going down soon after. Omni-Man tells Invincible that sometimes he forgets how beautiful the planet can be and told him that Viltrum was very different, having ended wars all over the universe, brought peace to thousands of galaxies and lifted alien races out of the mud. Invincible told him that he couldn’t believe he had left everything behind to go to a planet he had never even seen before, and his father told him that when his grandparents died, he had felt lost for a long time and saw going to Earth as a chance to build something new. He told him that Debbie changed Earth from a job into a home, but Invincible told him that he didn’t know if he could leave everything behind, and Omni-Man replies saying that being like them took sacrifice. He proceeded to tell his son that the last one home would take out the garbage for a month, but Invincible took off before he could finish and got a head-start. Nevertheless, his father quickly passed him.

Later, Mark and Amber walk through a street, sharing a dessert. Amber tells him that she had volunteered building schools in the Philippines, which made her gain perspective. She asks him if he had ever traveled and he mentions that he had been to Mount Everest with his father. She asks him if he had liked Nepal or China, but he doesn’t know how to respond and changes the subject, buying her a rice separator.

Amber and Mark head back to the former's home. She tells him to plan the date next time, which he likes. The two lean in for a kiss and Mark flies into the sky happily and heads back home. He finds Cecil and his parents talking about NASA's first manned mission to Mars and needed Nolan to shadow the mission so that nothing went wrong, but Nolan wouldn’t do it since he needed to train his son and was needed on Earth with the Guardians gone. Cecil tells Nolan that Earth needed a win, but Nolan tells him that nobody would care about Mars if there was an attack on Earth, saying that his priority was his family and the planet.

Mark says yes to the Mars mission

Mark volunteers, saying that the same had happened last time, but Nolan tells him that that was the moon, which hardly counts as space. He added that his responsibilities were bigger than four astronauts. Cecil says that if Mark wanted to go, he would be doing a great favor, so Nolan asked Debbie for support. She says that she doesn’t like Mark missing school, but it would be for a good cause. Mark says that he could go to Mars and back in a second and Nolan mentions that the fact that he didn’t know how far Mars was was exactly why he should go to school. Cecil tells Mark that it was a two week mission, and Mark agrees with his father, saying that he wasn’t ready and had things going well with Amber. Debbie tells Mark that many people would tell him how to use his powers, but it would be up to him to make those decisions. After that, Mark agrees to go, so Cecil tells him to pack a lunch since he would be leaving the next day.

At school, Mark tells Eve that he didn’t want to lie to Amber but also couldn’t tell her the truth. Eve tells him that’s why dating normal people wasn’t good, but Mark counters by saying that things between her and Rex hadn’t worked out, which angered her. She tells him that she had a lot of things to deal with, so he asks her to help him out with Amber stuff and he would help her out with her stuff. However, she mentions that she doesn’t know if she wants to be a superhero at the moment, so Mark tells her that he would be there for her if she needed to talk about it. She leaves but turns around to tell him that he should only tell Amber his identity if he was serious with her.

Mark and Eve talk about Amber.

Amber watches the news, where the Mars mission is being broadcast and hears the doorbell ring. She sees Mark with a big, expensive baul they had seen on their date. She thanks him for it and invites him in, but he told her that he would be gone for two weeks in order to volunteer, asking her not to lose interest in him while he was gone. They kiss and he flies along with the Mars shuttle.

In space, Cecil told Invincible that he almost didn’t make it, but needed him to stay out of sight unless something went wrong and also needed him on the mission for the Martians, who lived underground and kept to themselves.

Invincible gets comfortable next to the spacecraft, but doesn’t like it when he bites into his sandwich which is completely hardened.

Aboard the spacecraft, Invincible wakes up and sees Mars. They finally land, and he gets off before they do. The astronauts tell Houston they arrived, and one of them spots Invincible, but none of the others do, so he tells them to forget it and they get to work while Mark looks at pictures of Amber, mentioning that the mission sucked. When his phone dies, he wonders if the astronauts have a charger in the shuttle, only to find out the astronauts had been taken away.

Invincible remembers that Martians live underground. He lifts up a big rock, and is attacked by many sequids. He throws them away and walks through the hidden hallway. There he finds a crystal-like object which turns out to be a Martian. He turns out to be surrounded and is ordered not to move. Invincible tells them that he wasn’t there to hurt anyone. Another sequid jumps at him, and he tells them to keep their dogs on a leash. The Martian is surprised that he was unaffected by the sequid, but Mark tells him that he was very affected by them. The Martian asks him if the other humans were like him.

Mark is brought to the Martian leader, where he’s welcomed. He awkwardly greets the Martian and tells him that he was sent to protect fellow Earth-men on a mission to Mars and needed them to go back alive. He tells him that they should get going and suggests that they should keep their squid-dogs under control. The Martian tells him that the sequids were the very reason why the humans were captured since they were a world-destroying race, who left a trail of destruction across the universe before crashing into Mars. He explains that alone, the sequids were scattered and weak, but with an appropriate host, they were unstoppable. He adds that their shape-shifting abilities allowed them to resist them, but if the sequids got to the humans, then they would destroy Mars and Earth soon after. The Martian asks Invincible how he’s able to resist the sequids, and he explains that he’s half Viltrumite, which the Martian mentions he had heard of. Invincible explains that Viltrums liked to help people, so he should take the crew members home, but the Martian refuses, saying that the humans were scheduled for immediate execution since they couldn’t risk them coming in contact with a sequid.

Mark meets Martian Emperor.

Invincible says he understands, but got the astronauts running back to the spacecraft and eventually got them inside. The astronauts hurried up in order to lift off while Invincible faced the Martians. Invincible tried facing the Martians, but was outnumbered, so he tried lifting the spacecraft, which he managed to do in the end, helping them escape. He landed back on Mars and told the Martians he needed to take a rock. In the spacecraft, a Martian dressed as one of the astronauts saw his flag was upside down, so he fixed it with his mind.

On Mars' surface, the Martians turn to face the astronaut who had been replaced and saw he had been taken over by sequids.

On Earth, news told the success the astronauts had in Mars. Mark arrives home, hearing noises in his house, but when opening the door, he sees his parents awkwardly staring at him. Debbie asks him how Mars had been, but Mark tells them that less eventful than whatever had been going on in the house while he was gone.

Mark greets Amber at school. She kisses him and asks him how it was, to which he responds that it was boring and a few other details. Amber pointed out that his story was not very specific, but Mark tells her that he got her a rock, which she does not find very impressive. He tells her not to show it to any geologists, and she thanks him for the rock.

Taking Down Machine Head[]

People watched a video where Invincible fought a man who surrendered, but wouldn’t listen and hit him once again. At school, Mark greeted Amber, but she ignores him since he was twenty minutes late. Mark explains that he had gotten a cake for her and stays behind, but she drags him with her.

Later, Invincible fought another villain and thanked the crowd who celebrated. Later, his boss Mr. Sayer yells at him for being late once again, so Mark quits.

Omni-Man taught Invincible how to fight villains and negotiate with them.

Another day, Invincible and Omni-Man fought a villain, who they wanted to talk. Omni-Man taught him how to scare villains and dropped him, catching him later.

Mark rushes to school and is told that if he wanted to go to college they needed to discuss his attendance issues.

Mark attempts to stop an asteroid heading for Earth and manages to do so successfully, throwing it back into space. After a huge effort, Omni-Man tells him that the asteroid was small, which shocked his son. Mark gets a text from Amber and is allowed to leave.

Mark gets to Amber's home and apologizes for getting there late. He tells her that the food was great, but she tells him that dinner had been two hours before and asks him if she was important to him since he was bad at showing up. Mark apologizes and says things are not easy, but she tells him that she wouldn’t go down that road again. He’s able to get one last chance and leaves.

As he walks down the street, he’s called by his father, who tells him the Elephant was robbing a store and reluctantly goes to help.

Invincible races through the sky and goes to a rooftop, where he meets Titan. Invincible remembers him and calls him a criminal, but Titan tells him that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. He tells him he only needed a little money and asked him to help him take down his boss, who ran the city. Invincible tells him he only does big-picture things, but is convinced to see what happens in the real world.

Titan talked to Invincible when he tried getting him to help with Machine Head.

Titan shows Invincible who Machine Head is and explains what he does. Titan tells him that if he helps him take Machine Head down, he would help real people. When Invincible asks why he had accepted money in the first place, he tells him that it hadn’t been for him.

At dinner, Mark tells his parents that he can take down Machine Head, but Debbie wasn’t listening. After Mark's explanation, Nolan tells him that he would be making a huge mistake because he was being used and that problem was beneath him. Debbie tells Mark that sometimes people aren’t who they appear to be and adds that helping someone was never beneath him.

After class, Mark complains about a test, but Eve tells him it’s important. When Mark asks if she was okay, she tells him she had left home and didn’t know what she was doing. Amber joins them and asks Mark if he would be joining her. Mark tells her he would and Amber tells Eve that Mark had volunteered to help at the Beckwell Community Center, where they cooked dinners for anyone who was hungry, which impressed Mark.

Titan tells Mark about Machine Head's security, but Mark isn’t convinced since Isotope, Machine Head's teletransporter could make him disappear, but Titan mentions he took care of Isotope. They agree that once Machine Head was taken down, he could be taken to the GDA. Mark asks Titan about his daughter and is told that Fiona's second home was Beckwell Community Center.

Titan and Invincible break into Machine Head's building, but when Invincible confronts him, he doesn’t move. Machine Head reveals he knew they would come thanks to the new chip Titan had gotten. Isotope also reveals himself, which surprises Invincible. Machine Head accepts he’s out of his league, but mentions it is a good thing he had money, so he could afford many supervillains, which Isotope teleported into the room.

Invincible was overwhelmed by the amount of supervillains he was being forced to fight along with Titan.

Invincible and Titan fight the supervillains, but are overwhelmed as Omni-Man watches from a distance. Invincible is electrocuted while Titan is burned. After a sudden burst of energy, Invincible tells them they would die and swiftly kills two before having his head shoved into the ground by Battle Beast.

GDA doctors look at Mark and mention he was losing too much blood. Cecil arrives at the scene and is horrified by what he sees. He tells the doctors to save him since they needed Invincible, but also tells them to get a blood sample just in case.

Mark calls for his father and shuts his eyes while the doctors mention they were losing him.

Visiting Upstate University[]

Invincible, Monster Girl, and Black Samson are rushed into the GDA's ER. Monster Girl was drowning in her own blood and was intubated, but as they took care of her, she turned into the monster. Robot walks in and tells them he had studied her physiology, which meant that if they got him out of the room, she would die. He tells them that Monster Girl's only hope would arise if they triggered her healing abilities. Invincible has a hole all the way through him, so doctors work on him as Debbie and Nolan make it to the ER.

When Mark finally woke and saw his parents. Nolan tells him he knew he would pull through and tells him he was out during six days, which shocks Mark. Eve tells him she covered for him with Amber, telling her he had gotten hit by a bus and mentions Monster Girl and Black Samson were still unconscious.

Amber and Mark talking.

In Amber's room, she tells Mark he did look like he had been run over, but didn’t like that she couldn’t visit him. She feels guilty that she had basically dumped that night. He asks her if he remembered the first time they talked, which was awkward at first, but she had given him another chance. He asks her if they could start over once again, which she accepts by faking a phone call with him.

At school, William tells Mark that he needed to look both ways before crossing the street. Mark says they should hang out and tells him they should watch a movie, but William tells him that he would be going for a tour of Upstate University that day with a boy he liked named Rick. Mark asks if he can go and bring Amber, saying he needed it.

In Mark's room, Eve pays him a visit; he thanks her for talking to Amber when he got hurt and hugs her. He tells her he would be visiting Upstate University and invites her, but she mentions that she wouldn’t be going to college since she wanted to help people by actually helping them. Mark understands, which surprises Eve, but he tells her that he had messed up when Black Samson and Monster Girl nearly died because of him and wonders if both of them need a fresh start. Debbie calls Mark, telling him that William and Amber have arrived and Eve leaves.

William, Mark and Amber get into William's car and leave. Amber asks William to tell her about Rick, who William is excited for her to meet. He tells her he’s incredible and doesn’t stop talking about him, which annoys Mark.

At Upstate University, they greet Rick, who helps them with their bags. They look at Rick and William mentions it would be a great weekend.

Mark mentions that the place was great and Rick tells them he had arranged for them to see what a biology class looked like. On a kiosk, a missing poster looking for Doug Cheston was posted.

D.A. Sinclair was bored by the lecture and told the professor, shocking Mark and the rest of the class.

At the class, a professor gives a biology class, but D.A. Sinclair doesn’t agree with what he has to say and tells him that all human failings were simply engineering challenges and tells them that they were all machines. Amber tells him he was being a jerk and says that what he had told the class was dramatic. D.A. Sinclair walks up to them and tells Rick that he didn’t belong in a school of idiots. He calls Rick impressive and is asked to leave by the professor.

On campus, William tells Rick that D.A. Sinclair had been checking him out, which must be normal for him, but Rick says he simply needs friends. Amber asks Mark if he’s okay, and he says that he’s happy. Rick tells them that they could wonder around the campus and they start looking around.

After a big fight against D.A. Sinclair's creature, Invincible was shocked to see it kill itself.

After a while, Mark tells Amber that he likes it there and wanted to go to the school with her, but she tells him that if he wanted that, he would need better grades. When Mark tells her he’s serious they lean in for a kiss, but are interrupted by William and Rick, who great them. All of a sudden, there was an explosion and from it came a cyborg who started attacking people while holding his head. When the cyborg grabs Rick, William throws soD.A. cans at it, so it attacks him instead. The cyborg is choking William and is about to kill him. Amber calls Mark, who disappears and returns as Invincible, stopping the cyborg's fatal blow. Since William was dropped, he looks up at Invincible and recognizes Mark, who simply told him to run. After that, Invincible and the cyborg started fighting for real. Invincible was being choked until he manages to lift up the cyborg's mask, which angers the creature and it throws him away. The creature looks at himself and screams in horror, killing himself.

Mark rushes to William, who’s in shock, but Mark asks him to calm down and leaves. Rick walks up to William, who tells them he’s in shock. Rick hugs him, thanking him for having saved him, which William likes. Mark walks up as himself and tells them that the police were on their way. When asked by a furious Amber where he had been, he tells her that he had run for help, but she didn’t believe him. She tells him that both she and Eve had been wrong about him.

Amber tells Mark that she wouldn’t share rooms with him, so Rick tells him that he could bunk with him and William. He also tells them that he would get them some beer so things cooled down a little. When he leaves, William excitedly repeats that Mark is Invincible, but doesn’t like that he was never told.

William keeps asking Mark about being Invincible, but the latter mentions he doesn’t even want to be a superhero and wasn’t sure Amber would forgive him this time. When asked to, Mark reluctantly takes William flying and doesn’t let him try his suit on.

Rick asks William if they wanted pizza, which he agrees to. During the call, Rick is attacked and the call ends. Mark is sad Amber had gone to a party without him, but is told what happened to Rick by his friend. Mark tells him that he really doesn’t want his help since he always made things worse. He tells him that he needs to go after Amber first and leaves.

Amber is approached by Kyle, who greets her at the party. Meanwhile, Mark makes it to the party. At the party, Mark sees Amber talking to Kyle, who’s holding her shoulder. While they talked, Amber tells him he’s a little nerdy for a frat guy and he tells her that his girlfriend says the same thing, which surprises her. He asks Amber if she was seeing anybody and she tells him that not anymore.

Mark gets calls from William and picks up reluctantly only to see his friend being dragged away by a monster. William asks Sinclair what he had done to Rick and Sinclair tells him that he would be doing the same thing to him.

Mark goes underground to the sewer and looks around for William. He’s attacked by Sinclair's cyborgs and taken underwater while being punched. He finds Sinclair's lab while William is tied up. Invincible is punched by many of the monsters while Sinclair argued that he was fixing humanities' weaknesses. Mark takes one of the cyborg's helmet off and finds out it was Rick, but Sinclair told them not to try to talk to him since he had removed his emotions.

Cecil and his team arrived.

Invincible is thrown around while William tries talking to Rick, remembering how they had had sex before. Sinclair starts cutting William's arm, which makes Rick recognize William and remove part of his helmet, so he could help Invincible. Sinclair tries escaping, but William chases him and punches him in the face repeatedly. When he gets up, Mark punches him again, fracturing his jaw.

Invincible apologizes to Cecil for having punched Sinclair like that, but he understands and tells him he would lock Sinclair up, while doing his best for the humans who had been experimented on.

Mark and William make it back to their room, where William starts sobbing. Mark opens the door to Amber's room, but closes it once again.

Being Tracked Down[]

The ride back from Upstate University is silent, as Amber doesn’t want to listen to Mark.

Amber says goodbye to William and tells Mark that she didn’t want to put up with his bullshit anymore. As Mark was about to tell Amber he was Invincible she shut the door, but Mark flies up to her bedroom as Invincible and explains why he was always late. However, Amber already knew and she tells him that he lied to her and doesn’t trust her, so she tells him to leave.

Mark and William sit in the latter's car eating fast food. William wonders if Rick would ever go back to normal and Mark tells him Cecil would get him back. William tells him that if he had been helped right away, nothing would have happened to Rick, which Mark recognizes. William mentions that because Mark was a superhero, he had barely seen him in the last six months, but Mark tells him he wasn’t Invincible anymore because he was a bad friend and boyfriend, saying he should’ve listened to his father, who he reveals to be Omni-Man. Mark starts sulking, but William tells him his truths, but Mark asks for sympathy and says he would talk to someone else.

Mark runs into Eve and she realizes that she would be helping him today.

Mark told Eve about his breakup with Amber, which she sympathized with.

Mark tells Eve what happened with Amber, which she empathizes with. He says he doesn’t know who he has to be, and she says that the same had happened to her. She tells him that a lot had changed for her as well and she felt she had upgraded since living with her parents.

Mark and Eve hear an explosion and Eve tells him that they should call Cecil. He tells her that it wasn’t their problem anymore, since she had run away from Rex and being a superhero. However, she tells him that she didn’t ignore the world when it needed her. He says that the world was fine without him, but she tells him that he should do something to help and leaves.

As they flew, Eve tells him that she was glad she came to help, but he tells her that he was only there to make sure she didn’t get hurt. Mark saw Nolan being crushed by the huge creature Nolan had faced before and raced forward in order to help him.

As Nolan was about to be eaten, Mark punches the creature and sends it flying. Eve gets called by Debbie and asks what was happening. Nolan awoke and Mark happily told him it was about time they teamed up together. When the creature rose, Cecil tells Eve not to help them and get to Guardians HQ.

Mark and Nolan had a hard time facing the creature sent by Cecil.

Mark and Nolan had a hard time with the creature. Debbie tells him to call it off, but Cecil says he couldn’t do that since Mark could be allies with his father. After that, Debbie mentions that’s why she had always hated him, which Cecil sympathizes with.

Mark asks why the monster was tougher now that they were fighting it, and Omni-Man tells him that there were many things he didn’t know since Cecil had sent it after him. Mark tells him that maybe he could explain after they killed the monster.

Cecil is told that a new object was approaching Omni-Man's location, turning out to be The Immortal, who immediately starts hitting him furiously. Omni-Man catches one of his punches and mentions that he should have stayed dead, sending him back. However Nolan worries over Mark who’s under the beast's control.

Mark grabs a cable and electrocutes the beast as Nolan and Immortal keep fighting. Nolan caught one of his punches and stabbed his fist into his stomach, punching all the way through him and shocking the entire world, who was watching thanks to the news helicopters. However, Immortal grabs his thumbs and sticks them into Omni-Man's eyes, so he grabs his hand and splits his body in half as Mark watches. Nolan approaches his son and tells him they need to talk.

Finding Out The Truth About His Father[]

The Immortal falls dead to the ground as Nolan tells Mark they need to talk. Mark, however, understands he had killed the Guardians and begins punching his father, saying that someone was controlling him, but Nolan throws him away and tells him that he was fine, adding that it was time he revealed where he really came from.

He explains that he’s from Viltrum, which was perfect, but had taken them a lot of strength, determination, and courage to get there. In order to reach their full potential, they removed the weak from their society until it was unstoppable. When Nolan was born, Viltrum was already the greatest empire in the galaxy, deciding to make it the only once. When Nolan was old enough, he joined the war effort until the forces were stretched thin and the expansion stopped, each officer given a planet to weaken by themselves. Nolan went to Earth and it was now time for Mark and himself to get Earth ready to join the Viltrum Empire.

Mark cries, but Nolan reassures him that this was for the greater good, not being able to know the truth until he had his powers. He explains that he had to be sure that Mark was a Viltrumite first, so Mark pushes him away and asks if he wasn’t a Viltrumite, if he would just be another human to conquer, which doesn’t make sense to him since he knew Mark loves both him and his mother. Nolan simply asks him if he has any idea how long they lived since the older they got, the slower they aged. He tells Mark that he would live for thousands of years since Viltrumite DNA was so pure, he was nearly pure Viltrumite. He adds that everybody he loves and knows would be gone before he even looked 30, so he tells Mark that Earth wasn’t his world, but he could help out by ending hunger, stopping wars, and giving them medical technology. When Mark asks, he lets Mark know that he does love his mother, but she was more like a pet to him, which angers Mark, asking Nolan if he really believes he would enslave his friends to aliens he had never met, adding he didn’t give a shit about Viltrum. He tells Nolan that he wouldn’t let him destroy his home, and Nolan tells him that he didn’t know what he was saying, and wouldn’t let him interfere.

Nolan started fighting Mark when he disagreed with his views.

Nolan understands and punches Mark into the ground and asks him if he really believed he could stop him. Mark punches him, but Nolan catches it and doesn’t move, crushing his hand and throwing him away.

Mark tells his father not to hit him anymore, since it wasn’t too late, but Nolan tells him it was as jets reach their location. Nolan tells Mark to look at all humans needed in order to imitate their power, saying that it was right to pity them, wrong to value them over Viltrumites. He throws Mark away and is shot at by the jets, which don’t move him. He destroys a jet, so Mark flies in order to help the pilot out and save him. The pilot thanks Mark, but Nolan asks why he had done so and kills him immediately, going for the next one, but Mark stops him.

Mark was horrified when he looked at all the destruction he caused when Nolan punched him.

Nolan asks him if it really made a difference that he had killed him since he would have only lived another 50 years, but Mark tells him he could have had a life. Nolan asks if that had hurt him and punches him away all the way over to a big city, where he caused a lot of destruction with the fall. As a building falls, Mark pushes it so it does not, but he can’t stand the weight and it crushes everybody inside. He starts crying and asks Nolan how he could’ve done such a thing, and he tells him that his stubbornness to stop the inevitable had killed them. He asks Mark how many people needed to die and tells him that he knew he was right. Mark asks him if his mother's life was meaningless and Nolan that in the grand scheme of things, it was, which makes Debbie cry. Mark asks him how he could say such a thing and punches Nolan, who’s angered because for the first time in his life, he was telling Mark the truth.

Nolan held Mark in front of a train in order to prove humans were weak.

He punches Mark underground to a train station and holds him in front of one of the moving trains. The train hits Mark, who doesn’t move along with his father and is hit by the blood, bones and guts of the passengers inside. Nolan tells Mark that humans were meaningless and cavemen without them, but Mark tells him that he had seen him save people before, nearly dying in the process, suggesting that perhaps Nolan had been a Viltrumite when he had come to Earth, but had changed. However, Nolan tells Mark that even if he had been happy for a time, he was loyal to Viltrum. Mark punches his father once again, who dodges it and is angered, slamming his son into the ground and then bringing him to space. He tells Mark that his time on Earth had been a speck in the span of his life and he didn’t know who he really was. He tells Mark he would burn the planet down before he spent another minute living among animals. Mark punches him in the face, but he doesn’t even move, returning the punch and sending Mark flying repeatedly.

He tells Mark that he had been wrong raising him as a human, since he should have taught him more. He mentions that Mark was only a Viltrumite in blood and tells him that he needed to begin his true education.

Nolan takes Mark deep underwater, where he stops moving and then throws him into a mountain. He punches Mark once more with a punch so strong, it cracks the mountain, which causes an avalanche which covers Mark and a town down below. He picks Mark up and asks him if he had had enough, but Mark once again tells him he would stop him, so Nolan tells him he was ready for that to happen whenever Mark was. Nolan tells him that his intentions were wasted since making Earth a part of the Empire would make Earth better than it ever was. Mark asks what would happen if they resisted and is told that they were there to keep them from resisting. Nolan asks if he really wanted to die for the planet and accepts that he could always start again with another kid. He punches Mark repeatedly until he loses consciousness.

Not strong enough to kill Mark, Nolan asked him why he made him do it.

Nolan can’t punch Mark in order to kill him and lays down next to him as his son gasps weakly. He asks Mark why he had made him do what he had done since he was only fighting so he would watch everybody around him die. He asks Mark what he would have after 500 years, and Mark tells him he would have him. Nolan looks at his hands and flies away, breaking through the atmosphere as he cries.

A helicopter reaches Mark's location, where he lies without responding. Debbie and Cecil get off the helicopter as well.

Mark is in the GDA's hospital, where he regains consciousness. He sees Debbie, who tells him he would be fine since it was all over. She tells him he was proud of him, but Mark cries.

Cecil tells Mark he had done a good job and wished it had been a dream, but would let Mark leave in two days. Mark tells Cecil he had seen his father fly away and asks where he had gone. He asks Cecil if he would tell him what had happened, but Cecil told him it depended on whether he wanted to be a hero or not anymore, but Mark didn’t know the answer.

He follows Cecil into a white room, where he tells Mark that Debbie had heard everything. Mark asks how he could’ve let his mother hear everything, but admitted she deserved to know the truth. He tells Mark both him and Debbie knew about what Nolan had done to the Guardians, but they were waiting to see if there was a good reason behind it. Nolan asks where they were and Mark finds they’re in a lab, where Immortal is being brought back to life. He tells Mark that nobody had the ability to see the things in the room and tells him that they needed a replacement for Omni-Man. However, Mark tells him that he couldn’t do it yet even as Cecil tried to convince him.

Cecil takes Mark and Debbie back home and tells them that he had called their school and work explaining everything, telling them if they needed anything else, to let him know.

Mark and Debbie make it home, where she tells him she would lie down. Mark walks through the house and sees pictures with his father in them, remembering phrases his father had told him when he got his powers.

Mark's friends visited him in order to see how he was doing.

Mark goes to the fridge and finds it empty, so he tells his mom he would order something for dinner but finds her crying in her room. He closes the door and opens it to find Amber, who hugs him and kisses him. He asks him if they were back together and she tells him that if he wanted to since it seemed she wasn’t the only person being lied to. Mark was surprised to find out she knew Omni-Man was his father, but she explains that it was obvious. She asks him if he wants to talk about it and the doorbell rings, with William and Eve standing outside his door. Mark tells them they should go out.

Mark told his friends how he was doing at a restaurant.

Mark's friends ask him how his mother is doing and he tells them that it wasn’t good. He doesn’t know what to say and tells them that he felt empty inside and nothing seems real. He asks if they can talk about something else, but William tells him that everybody in the whole world was talking about it, which angers Eve and Amber. Mark gets a call and leaves as Cecil tells him he needs him. Cecil tells him that something was flying towards them from deep space.

As Mark leaves, the whole restaurant shakes, and Eve tells Amber and William she was Atom Eve, which surprises William. However, neither Amber or William recognized her.

Mark is in space, ready to punch his father, but is met by Allen the Alien. He tells him that when he told the Coalition of Planets he had been going to Earth instead of Urath, they had lost their minds and lets him know there was a Viltrumite in his planet. Mark lands on the moon and tells him to sit down while he explains.

Mark talked to Allen the Alien about his father and defending Earth from the Viltrumites.

Allen is confused that Mark is a Viltrumite, but did not work for them and could not believe Omni-Man had just left, since Viltrumites didn’t give up that easily and were relentless, having destroyed his world when they fought back. Allen literally can’t picture what Mark was going through since his people had to create breeding camps just to stop them from going extinct. He tells Mark that the Coalition of Planets would want to hear about him since the Coalition was trying to unite enough worlds to stop the Viltrumite empire and mentions Mark could be the advantage they were looking for. He tells him that the Viltrumites would come back for him and asks him his plans, to which Mark responds that he should finish high school.


Mark out of costume looks like a relatively normal human. His hair is combed back with a few strands sticking up.

As Invincible, his hair sticks out of the top of his hero suit. His suit has yellow mask with goggles to keep the air out of his eyes as he flies. The suit is yellow down the middle, stopping at his waist in an upside down triangle shape, it also bears blue on the shoulders and going into the yellow in somewhat of an M shape. The rest of his costume is black aside from the yellow gloves and blue boots that start from his knee's down.


Mark/Invincible is a brave, competitive, nice and noble hero and is true to his own values, especially when he discovers the harsh realities of being a superhero, struggling to define himself as one, while struggling to balance lives in danger to balancing actions with schoolwork. However, underneath this lies insecurity and doubt within the young hero. Early on in his career, he did not consider himself to be strong enough to be a hero, let alone be like his father, Omni-man.

Upon learning the truth about his father and Viltrimites, Mark became somber and instropective but was still dedicated to becoming a hero and protecting Earth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hybrid/Viltrumite Physiology: Mark/Invincible is a Human/Viltrumite hybrid and this gives him access to Viltrumite powers. Viltrumite genes are extremely powerful and adaptable meaning that Viltrumites can mate and breed with a variety of races. The more compatible the race the more likely the Viltrumite genes will blossom and begin to dominate the hybrid genome structure. In Mark's case, he is nearly full-blooded.

  • Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and Endurance: Being part Viltrumite, Mark/Invincible has strength, stamina, and endurance beyond human levels.
  • Flight: Mark/Invincible has the ability to fly at incredible speeds. He is capable of breaking the sound barrier easily inside Earth's atmosphere but can fly multiple times faster than the speed of sound in space.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Mark/Invincible has a lung capacity to hold his breath for weeks at a time.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Mark/Invincible is nigh-invulnerable to various types of damage. Powerful weapons have been shown to hurt him and beings of similar or greater strength can inflict damage on Mark.
  • Enhanced Healing Factor: Mark/Invincible can heal from any injuries, even those that would normally kill humans. However, his healing does have some limits as he required surgery after being disembowelled by Battle Beast and required hospital treatment after being beaten to within an inch of his life by his father.
  • Longevity: Being half-Viltrumite, Mark/Invincible has an very long lifespan. According to his father, he would live for thousands of years.



  • Invincible is similar to the DC Comic's character, Superboy.