"It's About Time" is the first episode of the first season of Invincible, and the first episode of the show overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When Mark Grayson finally inherits powers from his superhero father, it's a dream come true. But there's more to being a hero than just choosing a name and costume.

Plot[edit | edit source]

At the White House, two men talk about having to get recertified soon, which one of them mentions he does not like. His colleague Steve tells him it is part of the job, and mentions that he would be in London when the recertification happened. He would be gone for two weeks, during Matt's spring break, which made his friend wonder if he really wanted to do it. However, the man mentions that Matt had pulled himself together and their problems were behind them now. He mentions that he never had a kid of his own, but he was proud to call Matt his son.

All of a sudden, the ground starts shaking and splitting. From underground, two blue aliens rise, but one complains that he should have checked his clone's calculations, since they were supposed to be inside the building. The other one gets angry and complains that he is not a clone; they are shot at, but they are unfazed. From the clone's left, Steve shoots the alien, and shakily orders him to back off. The alien approaches him, and Steve shoots him once again, injuring him this time. Before he could kill Steve, superheroes approach the aliens and order civilians to be evacuated while they fight. The alien whose eye was missing asks War Woman if she could not have sitted this fight out and let them kill the president, but she tells him that it was not her style.

When Darkwing was about to get crushed by a tank, Omni-Man saved him by lifting it up.

The heroes help civilians evacuate while the aliens broke through the walls to make it inside. One of the twins throws a woman, so Darkwing catches her. However, when they fall to the ground, the alien throws a tank, which forces him to use his strength to protect them both from being crushed. He was not able to get them both out, so he managed to get the woman out using a grappling hook. When it appeared he would be crushed, Omni-Man lifted the tank and helped him get out.

The Mauler Twins kept on fighting the heroes, while they helped every civilian escape the White House. Soon it was just the heroes against the twins, who were swiftly defeated once they had no more civilians to distract the heroes with.

Mark was annoyed at his parents' display of affection in front of him.

Mark Grayson was in the bathroom, reading a comic and his mother walked in on him to grab soap, which annoyed him. Once they got downstairs, they watch the news, in which the Mauler Twins' attack on the White House was reported. Mark told her that the Guardians were there as well, and Debbie mentioned that the White House was rebuilt very frequently at that point. Nolan makes it home and kisses his wife, who tells him that they should get him out of that suit. Mark complains that his parents should not talk about sex in front of him, but his mother tells him that he should be happy to hear them express their love. They mention they would be going to Berlin, which makes Mark jealous. However, his father tells him that he could go himself once his powers kicked in. Mark leaves for school, and looks at his father fly away with his mother. He tries flying himself, but does not manage to do it and instead gets embarrassed when he finds out somebody was seeing him jump up and down.

When Todd grabbed Amber without her wanting to, Mark stepped in to stop him.

At school, his friend William Clockwell was surprised that the Guardians had let the Mauler Twins get that close to the President, but Mark points out that they had not made it inside the building and that Omni-Man was there too. William calls him an Omni-Maniac and teases him. He asks Mark if he wanted to play a game, but Mark mentions that he has a job and tells him that comic books are expensive. Down the hall, Todd teases a girl, who tells him not to harass her. He insists on grabbing her arm and not letting go, which makes Mark angry and he approaches Todd, who was way bigger than he was. He punched Mark, who was only saved by Amber who kicked Todd in his genital area. Once Todd left, Mark was thanked, but left bruised.

Later, Mark takes out the trash at his job, which is not an easy task for him. However, he picks up a second bag and throws it very far, discovering his powers had kicked in, which makes him say "It's about time."

After discovering his super-strength, Mark decided to try flying, which he managed to do quickly.

When Mark gets home, Debbie tells him that she had heated up German bratwurst for him. He tells her that he had an interesting day. Nolan makes it home and tells them he had been fighting a dragon in Hong Kong and gets ready to listen to Mark's day. He told them that he had been getting his powers, but his father does not react until Debbie kicks him. Nolan congratulates him, and tells him that they would train the next day. However, Mark could not sleep and remembers when his father told him that he was from a planet called Viltrum and had great strength, could fly and moved at superspeed, leaving Viltrum in order to protect Earth. He told Mark that things would start changing for Mark when he started puberty, which excited Mark. He leaves his room, convinced he would be able to fly and jumps off his roof after convincing himself he finds he can fly now. He soars through the sky, but nearly crashes into a plane, which sends him to the atmosphere, and he starts losing consciousness. When Mark awakes, he finds he is close to the ground and crashes into the street in front of his house.

Mark trained with his father, who told him the basics of being a hero.

He wakes up at 6:00 AM, very tired and his father tells him they would train. Once they are in the sky, his father tells him he would get the hang of flying, having to focus at first. His father tells him that flying could tire him, and to use momentum in order to relax from time to time. He told his son to relax and realized Mark had practiced the night before. He tells him to land, but Mark had a hard time doing so and eventually crashed into the ground. Nolan told him to hit him and to use his whole body while doing it, even practicing while flying. Nolan showed Mark how to punch, and hurt Mark, which Nolan told him was part of his preparation.

At home, Debbie reads, and sees Mark go to his room. She asks Nolan how bad the training had gone, and he says that he had pushed their son very hard since it was what he needed. She asks if maybe he had pushed him too hard, which makes Nolan very mad. Debbie asks him what had gotten into him, and he admits he did not know, but thinks that maybe their lives would have been better if Mark had not gotten his powers.

William worried for Mark when he approached Todd directly.

The next day, William asks Mark if he was still sore from Todd's punches, but Mark says he was fine. Todd approaches Mark and puts him up against a locker, telling him he would hit him. Mark asks him to hit him as hard as he could, and asked him to repeat his punches when they did not hurt him. Todd called him a freak and left.

Mark realized he needed something to punch in order to blow off steam and hears gunfire. Three criminals run from the police after robbing a place. Mark fights the big alien and manages to hurt him. Omni-Man approached him and told him he looked ridiculous, also mentioning that he had skipped a few steps since he had caused a lot of destruction. Mark asks his father to hit him, since he was not ready before, but his father told him that he would not hit him. Mark grew desperate and told his father he knew that he did not believe in him, but he wanted to prove he was strong enough and wanted to be like him. Nolan hugs his son and tells him that he would be, then telling him to follow him.

Mark was very excited to get his suit when they visited Art Rosenbaum.

They fly to a tailor, where he tells Mark he would take him shopping for a suit. Art Rosenbaum greets Mark and tells him it was a pleasure to meet him, and gets Mark excited. Art hands him a suit, but Mark was not sure about orange and yellow and wanted something more iconic, which Art understood. Art told him that he needed a name from him so he could grab inspiration from there, telling him to let him know later.

Debbie calls Mark, but finds he is not home. She hears a crash close to her and Mark exits a small crater created by the impact. Mark tells her he was practicing his landings and apologizes for the destruction he was causing in the backyard, but also said that he needed to be better. However, his mother told him he needed to sleep since he had school the following day and she had to work. Mark told his mother to make him go to sleep, and she asks if the fact that she could not physically move him made him feel strong and Mark simply said that what he was doing was important to him.

Mark and Debbie talked about Mark's former bullies and what awaited him in life.

Debbie asks him if he remembers his former bullies, and she told him about drama in her life to make him feel better. She also tells him that she was still there for him, but now instead of them being together, he was now more inclined to spend time with his father, which she understood. However, Mark says that he was nothing like his father and was more like her, asking her how he could ever live up to everything his father had done. She tells him he did not have to, and only had to be the best version of himself.

The next day, Nolan told Mark he seemed tired while they played catch while throwing a baseball around the world. Mark told him he was scared and was worried he might not be able to be a hero, but Nolan told him that it was the beginning of a long journey for both of them and told him that it was okay to be scared but needed to push through. His father told him that kids his age believed they were invincible, but he actually was invincible.

Invincible was happy with his new suit.

Mark rushes to Art's shop and tells him he has his name ready. Later, he sits on top of a construction crane with his new suit and flies through his city. As he did this, however, he saw a laser attack from the distance. The man shooting it was being shot at by cops, but this did not bother him. Mark arrived at the scene and punched the man through several walls and through the street until the man could not move.

Olga tells Red Rush that he should be nice to Aquarus. He says he tries, but during the conversation, he rushes to fight a villain, which angers Olga since she felt she did not have his attention. Red Rush apologizes, but is called to fight once again, so he uses his superspeed to rush to the scene.

Aquarus was asleep when he was called into action.

A man tells The Immortal that he would make Denver explode, so The Immortal throws him into space until he is called elsewhere. Aquarus was underwater sleeping, but was awakened by an alarm telling him there was action, which excited him.

Connie tells Holly that with their third quarter roll-out of Haven Storm 4.0, their market share could rise, but Connie mentions that what she wants is a spectacular year for the world until she got called into action. She dressed as War Woman and left.

At his house, Nikki is excited when a shapeshifter manages to expand himself beyond what he had ever done before. He gets called to action and leaves. At a photo shoot, another woman is called and she leaves as well.

Darkwing was able to swiftly defeat criminals before being called to help out elsewhere.

As two men try breaking into a building, they get scared about Darkwing who had seen them. He attacks both of them and manages to bring them down easily, handcuffing them and asking them about their boss. He was called and told them he would check with them the next day before leaving in his jet.

The heroes meet, but realize that none of them called one another. Red Rush sees Omni-Man fly towards The Immortal in order to punch him and manages to push him out of the way. The heroes are in shock and gasp, attacking him at the same time. As Red Rush attacked him, he managed to grab hold of him and squeezed his head while receiving punches from the speedster until he crushed his skull.

Omni-Man was left badly wounded after killing all of the Guardians of the Globe.

Martian Man wraps himself around Omni-Man, and The Immortal asks him why he had killed Red Rush while preparing to punch him. Omni-Man receives punches, which make him stagger and kills Darkwing while slamming him to the ground, followed by Green Ghost, who had caught Darkwing's body. Aquarus attacks Omni-Man, and The Immortal says that there must be somebody controlling him. However, they agree that they would kill him so that he did not kill them instead. Omni-Man managed to kill Aquarus, which angered Martian Man, who held onto Omni-Man so his colleagues could hit him. Omni-Man managed to get Martian Man off him and deeply injured The Immortal, subsequently killing War Woman. The Immortal asked him why he had done it, but Omni-Man did not answer and decapitated him, groaning from his wounds after he did so.

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  • Nickie Bryar - Various
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