Nolan Grayson is the Viltrumite hero, Omni-Man and the father of Mark Grayson / Invincible.

An alien from the planet Viltrumite, Nolan created a new life on Earth and adopted the moniker Omni-Man and allied with the original Guardians of the Globe and Global Defense Agency. After luring and killing the Guardians of the Globe, Nolan as the sole survivor is suspected of the Guaradians murders by Damien Darkblood and Cecil Stedman.

Background[edit | edit source]

Nolan Grayson was born on Viltrum, a planet a few billion miles from Earth.

Viltrumites have almost no known weaknesses, live thousands of years, heal from getting their spines ripped out in a week, and can fly through outer space by holding their breath. Nolan traveled to Earth to be its protector. He adopted a secret identity. Joined the Guardians of the Globe. Married Debbie. Had his son, Mark.

History[edit | edit source]

Mark's Early Years[edit | edit source]

One day, Nolan told Mark that he was from a planet called Viltrum and had great strength, could fly and moved at superspeed, leaving Viltrum in order to protect Earth. He told Mark that things would start changing for Mark when he started puberty, which excited his son.

Helping Mark train[edit | edit source]

From underground, two blue aliens rise, but one complains that he should have checked his clone's calculations, since they were supposed to be inside the building. The other one gets angry and complains that he is not a clone; they are shot at, but they are unfazed. From the clone's left, Steve shoots the alien, and shakily orders him to back off. The alien approaches him, and Steve shoots him once again, injuring him this time. Before he could kill Steve, superheroes approach the aliens and order civilians to be evacuated while they fight. The alien whose eye was missing asks War Woman if she could not have sitted this fight out and let them kill the president, but she tells him that it was not her style.

Darkwing is saved by Omni-Man.

The heroes help civilians evacuate while the aliens broke through the walls to make it inside. One of the twins throws a woman, so Darkwing catches her. However, when they fall to the ground, the alien throws a tank, which forces him to use his strength to protect them both from being crushed. He was not able to get them both out, so he managed to get the woman out using a grappling hook. When it appeared he would be crushed, Omni-Man lifted the tank and helped him get out.

The Mauler Twins kept on fighting the heroes, while they helped every civilian escape the White House. Soon it was just the heroes against the twins, who were swiftly defeated once they had no more civilians to distract the heroes with.

Later, Nolan makes it home and kisses his wife, who tells him that they should get him out of that suit. Mark complains that his parents should not talk about sex in front of him, but his mother tells him that he should be happy to hear them express their love. They mention they would be going to Berlin, which makes Mark jealous. However, his father tells him that he could go himself once his powers kicked in. Mark leaves for school, and looks at his father fly away with his mother. He tries flying himself, but does not manage to do it and instead gets embarrassed when he finds out somebody was seeing him jump up and down.

When Mark gets home, Debbie tells him that she had heated up German bratwurst for him. He tells her that he had an interesting day. Nolan makes it home and tells them he had been fighting a dragon in Hong Kong and gets ready to listen to Mark's day. He told them that he had been getting his powers, but his father does not react until Debbie kicks him. Nolan congratulates him, and tells him that they would train the next day.

Nolan training his son, Mark.

Mark wakes up at 6:00 AM, very tired and his father tells him they would train. Once they are in the sky, his father tells him he would get the hang of flying, having to focus at first. His father tells him that flying could tire him, and to use momentum in order to relax from time to time. He told his son to relax and realized Mark had practiced the night before. He tells him to land, but Mark had a hard time doing so and eventually crashed into the ground. Nolan told him to hit him and to use his whole body while doing it, even practicing while flying. Nolan showed Mark how to punch, and hurt Mark, which Nolan told him was part of his preparation.

At home, Debbie reads, and sees Mark go to his room. She asks Nolan how bad the training had gone, and he says that he had pushed their son very hard since it was what he needed. She asks if maybe he had pushed him too hard, which makes Nolan very mad. Debbie asks him what had gotten into him, and he admits he did not know, but thinks that maybe their lives would have been better if Mark had not gotten his powers.

Mark realized he needed something to punch in order to blow off steam and hears gunfire. Three criminals run from the police after robbing a place. Mark fights the big alien and manages to hurt him. Omni-Man approached him and told him he looked ridiculous, also mentioning that he had skipped a few steps since he had caused a lot of destruction. Mark asks his father to hit him, since he was not ready before, but his father told him that he would not hit him. Mark grew desperate and told his father he knew that he did not believe in him, but he wanted to prove he was strong enough and wanted to be like him. Nolan hugs his son and tells him that he would be, then telling him to follow him.

Mark was very excited to get his suit when they visited Art Rosenbaum.

They fly to a tailor, where he tells Mark he would take him shopping for a suit. Art Rosenbaum greets Mark and tells him it was a pleasure to meet him, and gets Mark excited. Art hands him a suit, but Mark was not sure about orange and yellow and wanted something more iconic, which Art understood. Art told him that he needed a name from him so he could grab inspiration from there, telling him to let him know later.

The Guardians of the Globe meet, but realize that none of them called one another. Red Rush sees Omni-Man fly towards The Immortal in order to punch him and manages to push him out of the way. The heroes are in shock and gasp, attacking him at the same time. As Red Rush attacked him, he managed to grab hold of him and squeezed his head while receiving punches from the speedster until he crushed his skull.

Omni-Man was left badly wounded after killing all of the Guardians of the Globe.

Martian Man wraps himself around Omni-Man, and The Immortal asks him why he had killed Red Rush while preparing to punch him. Omni-Man receives punches, which make him stagger and kills Darkwing while slamming him to the ground, followed by Green Ghost, who had caught Darkwing's body. Aquarus attacks Omni-Man, and The Immortal says that there must be somebody controlling him. However, they agree that they would kill him so that he did not kill them instead. Omni-Man managed to kill Aquarus, which angered Martian Man, who held onto Omni-Man so his colleagues could hit him. Omni-Man managed to get Martian Man off him and deeply injured The Immortal, subsequently killing War Woman. The Immortal asked him why he had done it, but Omni-Man did not answer and decapitated him, groaning from his wounds after he did so.

After killing the Guardians[edit | edit source]

The Guardians are dead, and Omni-Man lays next to them, injured as well. A door opens and invisible agents look at the scene, followed by paramedics, who are shocked and disgusted at the scene. They find Omni-Man is alive and they move the bodies out from the room. Cecil Stedman mentions he had never seen anything like at and bangs his fist against a table. Omni-Man is brought to a hospital room, where he is in a coma.

Mark and Debbie worried over Nolan who was in the hospital because of bad injuries.

They make it to Nolan's room, where they see Nolan laying without responding. Cecil introduces himself and tells them that they have no idea who did it. Debbie tells him that he has some nerve, but he tells them that the Guardians had been murdered and they were unable to bring them back with Nolan being the only survivor. Cecil tells them that the news would eventually spread, but he wanted them to know first. Debbie asks for materials and refuses to leave Nolan, mentioning that she had patched him up for twenty years. Donald gets a report that there was an undergoing attack with multiple casualties and Mark leaves to go help out.

Later, Mark visits his father, saying that even if he did not like being in teams, he found Teen Team to be very cool except for Rex Splode. Debbie overheard Mark talking about Eve and asked who she was, but Mark said that nobody. He thanked her for the dinners she had prepared and they talk about the side part of being a superhero.

Mark was happy to find his father awake after his coma.

When Nolan awoke, he told Mark that Debbie had told him that he was keeping the planet safe and wanted to hear everything. Mark went to Maya's room, but found out she had died, which Nolan described as part of the job. Mark left and Nolan demanded they give him his suit back.

Later, news broke that the Guardians had been missing for a week.

At training, Mark tried attacking his father, who at first was able to dodge his punched. However, when Mark landed one, he told him that he needed to be able to take one as well, and was about to punch him until Debbie interrupted. Cecil visited them and told them that they had seen somebody from Mars approaching Earth. Debbie refused, and Mark offered to do it. Nolan told him to knock some sense into the guy and send him back where he came from.

Nolan told Cecil what he remembered from the night the Guardians were killed, but Cecil remained skeptical.

Nolan tells Cecil what he remembers from the night the Guardians were killed. He tells him that he had gotten a distress call from the Guardians, but everything seemed fine when he had gotten there. However, the lights had gone out and he fought against the enemy until he passed out. Cecil is not convinced and says that he had never seen Nolan lose like that, but believed that somebody was acting clever.

The Flaxan army invades the city once again, and Robot tells Teen Team that the Flaxans were now immune to the timestream, and they should consider the city lost. He tells them that he will contact Cecil and request a nuclear response, but everybody disagrees.

Invincible starts fighting the army, but is swiftly brought down and punched repeatedly in the face y the leader. Omni-Man arrives and starts defending the city, resisting all the attacks thrown at him and sending the enemies back where they had come from. However, when the leader looked up at Omni-Man once more, he punched him and went into the portal with him.

Omni-Man went to the Flaxans' planet in order to defeat them for good.

Omni-Man told the Flaxans that they did not seem to understand that Earth was not theirs to conquer, taking them out and destroying their cities.

When Nolan arrived home, he had grown a full beard. He was hugged by Mark and Debbie and told them he needed a shower. Just then, a news report came out, revealing that the Guardians were confirmed dead.

People gather at the Guardians of the Globe's funeral, and Omni-Man prepares to give a speech. He mentions he has fought the unimaginable, but always knew he was not alone. He tells the people they had lost many heroes, but mentions that he would still defend them, as well as new heroes. He also reminds them that even in moments of doubt and fear, they should have faith and look to the sky before leaving.

Mark Grayson asks if everybody had to go through a funeral again while looking at the graves for a second speech. He is told by Eve that the actual bodies were elsewhere since people looking for souvenirs later. Nolan tells the people gathered that the people who had died were his friends and mentors. He mentions that at least the fallen heroes would rest together and Olga was upset that she could not see her late husband. When she threw herself at the ground, Debbie rushed to help her. When Eve asks him if he is all right, Mark mentions that he is unsure how to feel since it could have been his mother burying his father.

Omni-Man talked to Damien Darkblood, who investigated the case.

Omni-Man spots Damien Darkblood, telling him that the ceremony was private. He complains that he never gets invited, but reminded him that he always showed up anyway, adding that he wanted to discover clues and catch the killer, but Omni-Man told him not to pretend to do it because he cared, knowing he only did not want to go home and told him that he had already told Cecil everything he knew. Darkblood repeats that he knew Omni-Man had seen and heard nothing, having been left for dead. Omni-Man asked if he was insinuating something, but Darkblood said that he simply did not understand how to communicate like humans.

Omni-Man tried to tell Mark to separate his professional life from personal.

The Graysons make it back to their house. Nolan asks them if they want pizza, saying he could go to Naples and back before it gets cold, but Debbie asks him to let the delivery man take care of it. As Nolan tried watching television, all he saw was the speech he gave at the funeral while he changed the channels. Debbie asks Mark if he wanted to call William, but Mark gets angry, asking sarcastically if she wanted him to buy comic books. However his father told him that whatever had happened, he could not bring it home, stopping Mark on the way to his room. Mark asked him if he could go, and Nolan let him go, telling him they would train the following day. Debbie found it weird that he had just come home from his friend's funeral and was talking about pizza, and telling his son not to feel anything which was odd. However, Nolan told her that they were coworkers and that that was the life they lived. He told her not to worry, and added that he and Mark could do more outside than sulking there. Across the street, Donald runs a team of people who hear everything that is being said inside the household.

Later, when Mark gets home, he runs into Nolan, who tells him to slow down. Mark explained that he had left Amber in his room while he dealt with a crisis. Nolan congratulated him, saying that that was the hard part of the job, but reminded him he should change. Mark walked back into his room, and Amber angrily told him she had been there for an hour, and asking why he had asked her to hang out in the first place, leaving. He asked her why she even came since she had only known of him when he stood up to Todd, but she reminds him that Todd had kicked his ass. She told him that she wanted to know the guy who had taken a punch for her.

As Debbie cooked dinner, Nolan threw a piece of the monster, asking if she wanted calamari. She tells him to get it off the counter while laughing and asks if he had called Cecil about putting some protection on the house, but he tells her he had been busy, but would do it later. He told her that he was a badass since he had defeated a kaiju and she told him that she was one as well, since she had sold a house that had a double homicide.

Debbie sits down while working at the kitchen, when she gets cold. Her computer turns off and she faces Damien, who apologizes. She asks him what he is doing, and he explains that he was looking for clues since the massacre did not make sense to him. He points out that there had been seven dead and only one alive - her husband, so he wanted her to help him since his answers had been unsatisfactory. She asks Darkblood why he cared and he explains that he had escaped from hell and now seeked justice for others so he could save his soul. He asks if her husband had not told her anything to soothe her fears, but she mentions that he had not, leaving once Nolan turned on the light. After asking her if she was all right, he felt the cold and knew Darkblood had been there, which he did not like.

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